Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Pain, No Gain - But No Running at 10 Degrees!

Peter Maher, an Irish-Canadian Olympian and sub 2:12 marathoner (that's possible?!?) says "Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day. It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'" This morning was the first day that I didn't get right up and head out for my run. Was I a wimp? Did I give up running? No, definitely not - but it was only 10 degrees when I woke up, and even I'm not crazy enough to run when it's that cold! Instead, I postponed my run until about 1:30, when it had warmed up to a balmy 37 degrees. Much nicer! Between the sun and only facing the wind on the first half, I ended up actually feeling a little bit warm today for the first time, which made me think "I can't WAIT for the nicer weather!" I do love that quote though - it really speaks to the battle I have in my own mind every morning the alarm goes off - am I tough enough? Each time I get up and run, I feel like my answer is yes, and that's a good feeling.

Running in the middle of the day did make me realize that I prefer my morning runs - who would have guessed that of this night owl? But first thing in the morning, I can do the run before my mind really kicks in and tries to talk me out of it. I had to battle myself today a little bit more than usual to take a break from work and head out. With fewer people around at 7am, I don't feel self-conscious about my slow pace or running only in intervals. Plus, I have the reward of the post-run shower, which I skipped this afternoon to jump right back into work. I was glad for the warmth though, as well as a marked reduction in windiness. I'm sure I'll be grateful for the wind when it's August, and 80 degrees before 10am, but not at this time of year certainly!

I did make another rookie mistake today though, and that was thinking that I'd broken in my inserts enough to run in them. I've been using gel inserts to run in, which has been fine and comfortable, but today I wanted to use the orthotics I've been slowly breaking in for the past week. Unfortunately, I could feel the blisters forming about midway through my first 90 second interval and knew it would only get worse (even though my knees did feel much better!). I think I might have actually *liked* running today if it wasn't for that. But now I know, and the blisters are minor, so I'll be prepared with my gel inserts on Friday and hopefully can report that I finally *like* running. I still don't love it - don't get excited - but I'm definitely liking it more. I might be a convert yet!

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