Friday, September 18, 2009

A Quick Update - Did Get a Run in Today!

Just a quick update, since I'm rushing around trying to get out the door to head to my parents' house.  Despite waking up with a mild migraine thanks to regular lack of sleep this week, I made myself put on my running clothes first thing so I'd make sure to go for a run.  A 24-minute run, combined with 3 Excedrin migraine actually seemed to help (maybe it's the opening of the blood vessels).  I really focused on slowing down today because I wasn't feeling so hot, and I actually felt good the whole run for a change - good stuff!  I'm a bit bummed that my overall pace is down, but I'd rather be able to finish a run feeling good once in a while and be a bit slower, and build my speed over time.  So today, I finished 2.07 miles in 24 minutes, an 11:35 pace.  Next run on Sunday up at my parents' and then off to Greece!

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