Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Run Before Athens

Another quick post - today, I am off to Athens!  So yesterday, I got in one last run before my trip, hitting a local park with my sister and niece.  My goal was 26 minutes, and with beautiful weather yesterday, it was a great day for running.  Aside from races, I've never run with anyone else, so I wasn't sure how well I'd do.  But we had fun - we started very slow because my sister has to push the jogging stroller with the baby in it, but I think that again helped me to get through the whole run feeling pretty good.  She broke off after  a couple of laps and I continued, doing about 2.2 miles in 26 minutes.  Not very fast at more than a 12-minute mile, but I was glad to get out there, enjoy the weather, and have a nice run with my sister.

Hopefully I'll get a run in on Wednesday at the hotel and Saturday afternoon as well!

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