Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Runs in Four Days...Yes, Really

Well, I seem to have finally found my groove again! I've run three times in the past four days and I'm feeling pretty good about it today.

Friday's run was my first 20-minute run back and I was a bit nervous. I knew I could do it, unlike the first time I did it, so there were no excuses.  As I started, I felt the familiar exhaustion I've been having and started to get a bit worried. Then I remembered that the first mile was always the hardest, and just tried to settle into my rhythm. I finally found it.

I'm still coughing a bit and having to use my inhaler, so I think that makes me more tired than I would be otherwise, but I'm just focusing on being slow and steady.  I got the twenty minutes done, and I was really happy with that.

Friday night, I was reading an article about a woman who is running three miles a day while pregnant.  I know this is a controversial issue, but I follow a blogger/triathlete who worked out her entire pregnancy and has a healthy baby boy - it's not for everyone, but I'm not debating it here.  The woman I was reading about ordinarily runs five miles a day, so I thought that if she was running three every day while pregnant, I could probably run more than three days a week.  Mentally, it's good for me.  And physically too.

So I decided I'd repeat Friday's workout on Saturday.  I had high hopes for it, until I remembered that the weather was supposed to be nightmare-ish.  Plus, I'd learned that my cable/phone/internet were all out, so I was waiting for the cable guy.  But I was determined to get it in.

I managed to get the dog walked early, before the rain, and miracle of miracles, the cable guy came within the first half hour of the four hour window they'd given me.  He was finished pretty quickly, so I thought I'd better head out why it still looked dry.  But as I left, the rain started spitting and the wind had picked up considerably.

I mostly skipped my five-minute warm up because it was so cold and nasty out, and I thought I'd warm up faster if I was running.  It was truly miserable for the first ten minutes - it was cold, the wind was so strong I thought I was running in place a few times, and the rain was stinging.  But I kept going and when I turned around to come back, the wind was mercifully at my back.  

So because it was an extra run, I was really happy that I'd gotten out there to do it!  I gave myself Sunday off, and originally planned to run six days this week.  But since I tend to overdo a good thing too quickly, and then give it up, I think I'll just add in an extra day of running this week (for a total of five days).

Today's run almost didn't happen.  I woke up feeling exhausted this morning.  I can't figure out why - I'm getting more than eight hours of sleep a night, ate a good breakfast and lunch, am drinking enough water - but at any rate, by the time I needed to get out there, I was really not feeling so hot.  I think some of it might be the strange dreams I'm having lately - I think it means I'm not getting as deep a sleep as I need.

But I've found that running sometimes makes me feel less tired and a bit better, so I thought I'd better get out there before I lost my nerve. Today's run was back to intervals - five minutes running, three walking, eight running, three walking, five running.  The first mile again was tough (and that's like half the run), so I keep wondering whether I'll make it.

It's kind of amazing what I end up accomplishing physically that my mind is constantly telling me that I can't.  I not only made it through all the intervals, but I settled into a good pace in the second half and finished feeling good.  I'm definitely feeling some twinging in my right knee, which I'll keep an eye on - last night, I put my leg up on the counter to put some cream on my calf and my knee made a crunching sound.  So we'll see how that holds up!

But otherwise, just the usual tiredness. I'm thinking the extra runs will actually help me feel less tired and more ready for May 7th's race, since my training time is tight.  Let's hope so!

Ladies, I also have a question for you - guys, this might be a bit TMI, so you can feel free to stop reading now.  I'm finding myself having some neck pain, which today is causing a headache, and I think it's from wearing sports bras all day so much lately.  I have the same problem if I wear a bikini top all day - it puts too much strain on my neck.  Have any of you had this problem? What did you do about it?  I put on my running clothes first thing so I don't lose motivation, but I'm thinking I might either have to run first thing in the morning and then shower (which I'll have to do in the summer anyway), or change into and out of my running stuff just for running.  Thoughts? 


  1. Great job on increasing your frequency. Re: the neck pain question..I get the same pain if I wear anything like a halter, therefore a pull over type T-back sports bra causes the same pressure on my trapezius and leads to a headache...When I wear a regular strap (Moving Comfort Helena bra is my current favorite) I don't have that issue...Maybe try a different style?

  2. Thanks so much for the tip! I will check it out - that makes a lot of sense.

  3. Maybe you could try wearing two sports bras toghether? I've heard of some people doing that before. Also, if you're tired all the time but sleeping well, eating well, exercising, etc, you should probably have your iron levels checked. Let me tell you, even when they're a little low it can leave you feeling exhaustd!