Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Okay, so my plan for more yoga has been going well.  Three days in a row now, I've gotten up early and done 20 minutes of yoga, thus reminding myself how to breathe and centering myself before the day gets started.  It helps that I've been very excited about the baby coffee maker that I got on Sunday and that I know post-yoga, I'll be able to sit for a few minutes watching tv with the pup and drinking my coffee before I have to get to work.  I'm definitely feeling the yoga in my muscles still, though not so much soreness now as the feeling of strengthening.  All good things.

But the running.  Ugh.  I planned to run today, and again wanted to get the run in before work so that I would make sure to do it.  I didn't have anything major planned - I figured since I've been so tired lately, I would stick with my fifteen minutes like Monday.  The weather is beautiful this morning too - sunny, cool but not too cold, and not windy.  I was feeling a little bit tired (I haven't gotten as much sleep as I would have liked to this week), but figured the 15 minutes would be no big deal.


Within about 60 seconds of starting the run, I knew I was in trouble.  I was EXHAUSTED.  Suddenly, like I could barely pick up my feet to run.  I reminded myself that the first mile is always a struggle and kept at it, but even with running very slowly, I knew I wouldn't make it the whole 15 minutes, which hasn't happened since I started running.  And a month ago, I was up to 26 minutes.  So. Very. Frustrating.

I managed .84 miles in 9:46, an 11:37 pace and just felt so tired.  And almost embarrassed to admit that I didn't even make a mile.  It's hard to describe the tiredness - it's not something I feel like I can power through, but just like my body is not capable of responding to what I want at normal speeds.  It comes and goes, and I was feeling better yesterday and Monday, but today it's back in force.  I had made a deal with myself that if I wasn't feeling a 100% better by today (since I've been crazy tired for almost a month now), I would make a doctor's appointment and so I now have one for next Friday.  I plan to keep up the yoga and do what I can with the running until then, and we'll see how it goes.  My mom suspects I picked something up during my trip (ah planes are great for germs) since my dad has been uber-tired also and part of me is wondering if it's walking pneumonia.  I've been feeling much more short of breath lately, sometimes with a little bit of a cough, and it wouldn't be my first dance with pneumonia (I've had it 4 times).  So we'll see what the doctor says!  Hopefully he can figure it out asap so I can feel better and get my running back up to par!


  1. I sure hope you get over the cruds. Way to go on the yoga, you have inspired me. I got the Rodney Yee a.m. dvd and just now did the first 20 min segment. You're so right about the mental thing. It has quieted my mind. And I'm now keenly aware of my balance, yes all good things indeed. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Jannah, I hope so too! I'm glad to have inspired you on the yoga! I read your post this morning, and I feel the same way - very centered. I've got to get my AM yoga dvd back from my mom now!