Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Running in Paris

Thanks to crazy internet issues, this post is late in being published, but I wrote it on Monday - I wanted to add a photo I took, but I'm currently sitting in the lobby of the hotel in Hanoi, since it's the only place I can access the internet, so it will have to wait for another time!

I know you’re all wondering whether I skipped my run on Friday or not, since I didn’t post anything…well, I didn’t.  It was a really hectic day, trying to finish up getting packed and ready for my trip and heading up to my parents’, but I got up early and forced myself to go. 

I felt great afterwards, but the run itself was another terrible one.  I was just so tired and sore, starting out.  Unfortunate.

Then, today was my run in Paris.  I was nervous about it, since I’ve never run outside in a foreign country (and I’ve been to over 20 countries in the last six years or so, so you understand how little I have been running!). 

I initially intended to run first thing this morning, but because the beds are hard as rock and thanks to jet lag, I didn’t fall asleep until about 4.  So the 8 am wakeup wasn’t looking so hot.  Instead, we headed out around 11 after breakfast and walked to the Champs Elysees where we wandered around for a little while.  It’s been chilly here (and I forgot my coat, of course), so I was definitely cold, but it was nice in the sun. 

I talked my dad into walking back to the hotel as well, and it felt good to be out in the fresh air after being cooped up so long all winter, and on the plane. 

When we got back, I decided to head out for my run. I had a pretty good idea of where the park was thanks to our drive in and walking around earlier, so I went in that direction.  It was only a couple of blocks away, but was much smaller than I thought it was –no big deal, I just did some laps. 

Today’s program called for 3 minutes running, 90 seconds walking, 5 minutes running, 2 ½ minutes walking, 3 minutes running, 90 seconds walking, and 5 minutes running again.  I wasn’t sure how I’d manage after the long walk this morning, and being tired and jet lagged, but I thought I’d give it a shot, but cut myself a break if I needed to.

I definitely felt the run, but today, the pain was good.  I pushed myself a little to start with, because it was so nice out, and that was a mistake, but overall the run was a great one. The weather was perfect, I was dressed warmly enough, and it was nice to run a little on pavement and a little on dirt – give my poor knees a break!

Unfortunately, a group of young kids were there on some sort of exercise assignment with their teacher or coach, and THEY were running as well. I ran by them a couple of times as they were hanging out in their group, and I could have sworn that their teacher/coach told them to “chase the slow lady” – because a couple of them blew past me!   Ah, to be young and have boundless energy.

I just reminded myself that I’m building my endurance back up, and stuck with my little plan!
So now I’m back in the hotel and needing to take a bath (no shower here) and get ready for this evening’s wedding!  Au revoir!


  1. I'm soooo jealous. You can say you ran in Paris! Good job on getting out there even when you are out of your element.

  2. Thanks Kirstie! I was really proud of myself, because normally I don't push myself out of my comfort zone too much when I'm away. But I did this time, and really enjoyed it!