Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Today's Run and Upcoming Plans

Today, it was time to ramp up the time again on the run - it worked out to being the same amount of time running, I think, but there were longer intervals.  The program called for 90 seconds running, 90 second walking, three minutes running, three minutes walking twice.

Woo. It was killer.

It seems so silly - particularly since I ran a 10k at one point - that 3 minutes of running felt so exhausting.  But it did.

However, I'm glad I ran today. I didn't run yesterday because I was traveling back from my parents' and was ridiculously exhausted - I finally got a little sleep on Sunday night (on Saturday night, I fell asleep around 5am), but I was still so tired overall.  Last night, I got about nine hours of sleep, which was glorious.  I'm still catching up for two weeks of insomnia, so I think it will take me all week to recover.

And then, I go to Europe and Asia for business.  So jet lag will get me all over again.

This is also the first time I'm planning to run while I'm away.  Usually, I don't want to also have to pack my running clothes (with a million functions while I'm away, I usually have to pack about three outfits per day. No joke).  Plus, I don't like doing things out of my comfort zone, and running in an unfamiliar place falls into that category.

But I really don't want to lose my momentum here, so I'm making plans.  First, we're headed to Paris for a wedding of two of my clients.  We're staying in a hotel without a gym, so I looked up some local routes and found that there's a park nearby, with a lake, and a 5k route that someone posted.  That's a good place to run on Monday morning.

Then, I'm heading to Hanoi, Vietnam and fortunately, there's a gym in the hotel.  Unfortunately, that's when the busy-ness of my week really ramps up.  So I've got to motivate myself to head to gym for a run on Wednesday night after hopefully catching up on some sleep thanks to flying from Paris to Hanoi on Tuesday into Wednesday.  And I've got to try to fit in a run in the two hours I have to relax and get ready for dinner between our afternoon and evening events on Friday.

I'll also be doing a leisurely bike ride through the Vietnam countryside outside of Hanoi on Saturday afternoon - and I'm actually really excited about that.  Plus, it's some good cross-training.

So I've got two more runs this week - tomorrow, so I can keep on schedule since I moved yesterday's run to today.  And Friday morning, before I head up to my parents' for the trip to Paris.

And in klutzy news, I managed to give myself a very minor injury this afternoon - coming back from the run, I let the heavy storm door at the front of my house scrape along my achilles tendon.  That really stung and is still a bit sore, particularly since it rubs right against the back of my shoe.  Good times.


  1. Doing regular workouts while travelling can really help with jet lag! I rarely succeed at actually making myself do it, but I've read many places that it is one of the best things you can do to get your body to adapt quickly (and sure enough, when I have forced myself to get in even a tiny workout on day one or two of travel, it really has made a big difference ... just remember, your body will be out of whack so taking it easy, doing something shorter, listening to your body and not demanding the norm is ok!)

  2. Thanks Julie - that's good advice. I've never tried running while away before, but I've heard from a couple of people that working out is a good cure for jet lag. Let's hope so! And thanks for the reminder that I need to listen to my body - I'll of course want to do the usual plan, and will kick myself if I'm not able to do it. So I'll have to remember that I need to relax a little about it!