Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Calf Pain?

So my running has had to be delayed this week because of some calf pain, and it's really frustrating!

I think I've mentioned before that my right calf has been bothering me - it feels different to shin splints (which I've had before). The pain is deeper in the calf, along the bone, but more on the inside of the leg rather than the front. From what I'm reading it could be caused by road running (which I don't really have too many options for), improper stretching or not enough stretching (which I have been doing), or my shoes (which is probably the main culprit).

Has anyone run into this before? (no pun intended)

Normally, I'd just run on it, but it's sore all the time (whether I'm standing on it or not) unless I take aspirin, and then it's only sore when I put pressure on it.  The stairs are particularly painful.

I just rested it yesterday and applied heat, but today I'm applying ice and elevating it while working at my desk.  Any other suggestions? I think new sneakers will be in order. Plus, I'm planning to take a long walk today and do some yoga, which should keep me active without putting my leg through too much impact.

I'd love to get some feedback. I don't want to take too much time off (and won't if you don't think it will lead to further injury), but I also don't want to make things any worse! Today would be the third day in a row I haven't run, and I'm getting antsy.

I've also heard that calf compression can help - I do have some compression socks, which maybe I could wear while running too (as cool as that looks!).


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